Canadian “Sex Workers” Have Their Own Union!

Calling a prostitute a “sex worker” is like calling “Curling” an Olympic sport

Prostitution is legal in Canada; there’s even a group that the “sex workers” belong to called PACE (Prostitution Alternatives Counseling & Education Society)  There’s also a group of old, rich men who are allowed to be clients of the “sex workers”; but only for minutes at a time due to their fragile hearts.  Their group is called PACEMAKER.

Canadian prostitutes enjoyed a surge of business during the Olympic Games. One “sex worker” was quoted as saying “The Olympic Spirit certainly infected our members.”  She then added, “And when I say ‘Olympic’, I mean ‘Ghonneria’

It makes sense Canadian Hookers are so popular: It used to be for every dollar you give them, they give you only 80 cents worth of action.  But now, for every dollar; they’re giving you $1.03 worth of action!

By Claude Stuart ©2010 Claude Stuart. All Rights Reserved


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  1. I have issues with rule #4 … guys ALWAYS have the TV on.

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