PAMELA ANDERSON: Her First Time Dancing with Her Top ON!

Okay, first of all….what the hell is her dancing partner’s name?  I swear it sounds like they announced him as “Damian Boytoy”. Interesting stagename, perfect if you wanna sound like a satanic young man in need of a sugarmama.

I applaud Pamela.  This must be the first time she’s ever danced seductively in high heels without taking her top her off.  Bravo!

At 45 seconds into this video, Damian totally gets to second base.  Call the police, ’cause he is copping a feel!  So I’m thinking he’s straight….until about 8 seconds later when she rips his shirt open and he does a gay Superhero pose move that looks so flamboyantly feminine, it makes Adam Lambert look like Denzel.

At @ 1:05, I don’t know if they meant to do this….but it looks like he’s bouncing his pelvis off her cervix like he’s trying to break it.  She seems like she’s desperately trying to pull away, and he keeps drilling away.  But maybe that’s the Cha Cha….to me, it looks like she’s just a van and a roll of duct tape away from being in the morning paper.  The good news is he looks like a blonde Ken doll; so if he’s built like a Ken doll, there’s no way he can hurt her.

I love the end of the dance with the sexy pose.  But right after @ 1:30, he does a bizarre move like he’s slapping her ass in slow motion while she walks away.  What happened to bowing?  Maybe he slowed it down for the potheads…though I doubt that’s the demographic for “Dancing With the Stars”.

And finally….why did they play a bad, country version of ZZTop’s “Gimme All Your Loving”?  That’s like doing a hard core gangsta rap version of “Stairway to Heaven”; it doesn’t make sense!  I know ABC is saving money by not having to pay ZZTop, but come on!  They can afford it….”Dancing With the Stars” makes this network more money than Tiger is losing on endorsements.

By Claude Stuart

Copyright Claude Stuart 2010. All Rights Reserved.


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