MICHELLE BOMBSHELL MCGEE Casts the 2nd Stone (Weirdly HOT in a Pink Polka Dot Bikini)

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee wrote an angry tirade on Twitter, speaking out against anyone who has dissed her affair with Jesse James.  McGee wrote, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.  In other words, fuck you.”  Yeah….I don’t think she understands The Bible.  She just quoted The Gospel of John, then quoted Ice T; thinking these lines have the exact same message.  Michelle, we don’t wanna throw stones at you ’cause you committed adultery; we wanna throw stones at you ’cause you’re a self-righteous, over-inked Nazi whore.  That’s all.

Michelle’s actions has caused the public to have more judgement than in Nuremberg.  Ironic, ’cause that’s where the Nazis were put on trial.  They’d be proud of you, Bombshell….if that’s even your real name….

Bombshell posted pictures of her in a Nazi-style bikini complete with a Swastika.  Ever since, she’s been fired by Angry White Boy Clothing….and hired by Mel Gibson.  Shouldn’t the spokesperson for Angry White Boy Clothing be Eminem?

According to stripper Michelle McGee’s father, seeing James and Bullock together at the Oscars is the reason she went public with the affair.  And according to her uncle, he is the reason she became a stripper.

Look at pictures of Michelle McGee now; then look at pictures of her in highschool. I’d have more respect for Jesse James if he had an affair with her when she was in highschool.  At least then, she was pretty and you’d just look at her….instead of reading her.

Now Mistress #4 of Jesse James has stepped forward and hired a shark lawyer, hoping to extort his money.  Excuse me, extort Sandra Bullock’s money.  Tiger Woods sent Jesse a text that read, “12 more, and we’re tied, baby.”

By Claude Stuart

©2010 Claude Stuart. All Rights Reserved.


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