CAMERA Flask: What a GREAT Idea!

This is brilliant!  A flask in the guise of a camera.  The “Bev-Cam”….it should be called “The Slam Cam”, or “The Scam Cam”. Maybe “The Flask Task”….alright, maybe not.

I would totally buy this camera flask.  You could be saving a ridiculous amount of money at bars and clubs.  Although, I wouldn’t recommend an entire group of people going out…..and each person in the party has their own Bev-Cam.  Bartenders will wonder why a sober bunch of peeps will walk alertly to his bar and all order Diet Coke; then after 5 trips to the bathroom and 5 Diet Cokes later  –  everybody is slurring, falling and taking their clothes off.  (That’s what I do when I’m hammered.)

The Bev-Burry flask is cute.  Here’s the good news:  a flask subterfuged by a blackberry is a great idea, because every human being in a club will have their phone on them.  (And 90% of them will be texting….remember back in ’02 when we actually TALKED to each other?) Here’s the bad news:  Every human being will have their phone on them!  Meaning, the bouncers and servers will be skeptical of someone carrying around 2 BLACKBERRIES.  But if you offer them some liquor from your Bev-Burry, maybe they’ll change their mind.

Okay, the binoculars is an original concept….but here’s a few logical questions that pierce a hole in the theory:

Who the hell brings binoculars to a nightclub?

Isn’t it a little suspicious when someone is drinking out of a pair of binoculars?

Women can carry it in their purses, right?  But if a man isn’t wearing a jacket, binoculars are pretty difficult to fit into your front pocket.  Even if you do cram it in there, that’s gotta look like the weirdest-shaped erection ever.  Even if a man shoves the binoculars in his back pocket….well, that’s gonna look even worse!

I say:  Men – buy all 3 of these items and go to clubs with women who have GIANT PURSES. Women – if you don’t have a GIANT PURSE, buy one.  Or get a man to buy you one.  I’m sure he’ll also buy you a drink….or at least give you some of the drinks you’ll be smuggling in the club for him.


By Claude Stuart

©2010 Claude Stuart. All Rights Reserved


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