JERSEY SHORE Dudes’ Pecs Bigger Than My Torso

I don’t ever wanna look like these guys.  But to be fair, that’s only ’cause I’m happy with the size of my dick.  And no, I’m not jealous just because every J.S. dude’s left pectoral is bigger than my torso.

Remember, guys:  Every time you shave your chest, you shave a few points off your IQ.

Tell these boys to stop flexing!


Well, if you got it; flaunt it…except for that one shirtless kid with the tatoo sleeve.  Three words, bro:  Situps and socks.

By Claude Stuart

©2010 Claude Stuart. All Rights Reserved


  1. Claude, Envy is such an ugly color on you. 😛

    • I know, I’m jealous they get to make out with Snooky and I don’t.

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