MINDY McCREADY: Baseball Mistress Since She Was 15?

So the word broke out recently that former country music star Mindy McCready has a sex tape coming out.  Scott Staff; the lead singer of Creed; called her and said, “That’s not gonna revive your career; trust me.”  Kid Rock suddenly called Scott and said, “Speak for yourself, bitch.”  Pamela Anderson called Scott and said “Yeah, bitch”….then called McCready and said, “I recommend making two of them.”

McCready’s porn is called “Baseball Mistress” because she allegedly had an affair with married Roger Clemens that started when she was 15.  R Kelly immediately told the press the only reason he wouldn’t have dated Mindy when she was 15 is ’cause that’s too old for him.  McCready corrected the press and says it actually started when she was 16  –  well, that makes it legal.  It would be appropriate if it happened in 1804!

Porn giant Vivid Entertainment is releasing a XXX porn starring Mindy McCready, “Baseball Mistress”.  Her lawyer claims it’s not true and she’s not even in the porn; however, it’s a little suspicious that the dvd starts with her taking her clothes off, looking at the camera and saying “Hi, I’m Mindy McCready.”

McCready allegedly says on this sex tape that although Roger was “good in bed”, he did experience “erectile dysfunction” when he was with her.  When asked to comment, Roger said “That’s only because she started singing.”

The ex-boyfriend who is performing with Mindy in “Baseball Mistress” is referred to as “Peter”.  Two sequels are already in the works, starring Dick and Harry.  (Rimshot! Come on, people!)

Mindy  –  while being a very attractive woman  –  is not the victim; this chick has seen more ceilings than Michael ‘Angelo.

McCready has quite the criminal record, including arrests for using fake prescriptions to buy Oxycontin; D.U.I.s; driving with a suspended license; identity theft; unlawful use of transportation; unlawful imprisonment; hindering prosecution; violating probation; resisting arrest; and  –  here’s the kicker  –  BEATING HER MOM.  When interrogated by the police, she said “I was just doing my research, I’m trying to write another country song!”

After one of McCready’s arrests, she had to perform community service.  In other words, she promised to NOT MAKE ANOTHER COUNTRY ALBUM.

By Claude Stuart

©2010 Claude Stuart. All Rights Reserved.

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