World’s Biggest Baby. NO, Not Kanye West.

When I first heard people mention the world’s biggest baby, I thought they were talking about Kanye West.

But no, the largest infant in the Universe is Miguelin; a baby that’s over 21 feet tall!  Miguelin is a creation of famous Spanish film director Isabel Coixet, who invented this artificial enormous toddler to be part of the Spanish Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010 – an international fair.

So if the entire purpose of Migeulin is to prove how much Spain and China care about their youth, why’s the baby white and completely American-looking?  Perhaps this is a metaphorical jab at our country and how we need to stop bitching about the imploded economy and simply pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, all the while merely trusting that things will most certainly work out because any other option is way too bleak to even comprehend?….Or maybe U.S. babies are just cheaper.  (Pretty soon, Spanish and Chinese citizens will be buying their national flags with tags that read “Made in America”.)

Seriously, this baby is so large and white, even Angelina and Madonna refused to adopt it.  “Too big and too white”…..Lord knows I’ve heard half of that sentence on several occasions.   Moving on!

Now the world’s largest baby isn’t just an unblinking prop.  Not only does Miguelin blink; he breaths, smiles at visitors and dreams of the cities we leave to our future generations. This is the theme of the entire Expo: “Better City, Better Life”.  Which is a slight change from Spain’s suggested theme, “Bigger Baby, Bitter Wife”.

Miguelin was invented to show “the passion that China and Spain have always shared for our children.”  I knew Spain had this zealous love for children, but China?  Really?  To its credit, China actually built two gigantic babies for this occasion: the male one does math homework and bows at visitors; and the female one drowns in a river.

It’s pretty amazing that Isabel Coixet was so inspired to display her care for offspring in China and Spain that she produced a 21-foot baby.  I haven’t seen anyone this excited about Asian youth since Woody Allen.

More than 190 countries are participating in this international event, and each one is equally excited.  Every nation will compete in playful Olympian-style games; and the losers have to change Miguelin’s diapers.

Spain and China aren’t the only countries who’ve crafted titanic toddlers.  The Aka pygmies of Central Africa have created a humongous baby as well.  It stands at a towering 4-foot-2.

By Claude Stuart

©2010 Claude Stuart. All Rights Reserved.

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