Cameron Douglas, Lucky Sperm Club; Not So Lucky.

Cameron Douglas, Michael Douglas’ son who’s admitted to using heroin; was just sentenced to 5 years in jail for selling cocaine and methamphetamine.  I’m shocked.  His father is Michael Douglas, and his step Mom is Catherine Zeta Jones.  If he wanted drugs so bad, he should have just gone with them to a Hollywood party.

Cameron Douglas’ attorney told the court, “My client is not a drug addict.  He’s just an actor who wants to get on the next season of ‘Celebrity Rehab’.”

For my Amish readers  –  Michael Douglas is an incredibly successful, multi-million dollar-making, Emmy, Golden Globe and Academy Award-winning actor who’s been in the public eye for 40 years.  He’s one of my favorite theatrical performers.  To think that his son went to jail for doing the same thing I do every weekend… quite the compliment.

All jokes aside, it’s a fact that children who feel abandoned by their parents are more likely to turn to drugs.  Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones divide their time among their homes in Pacific Palisades, CA; New York City; Aspen, Colorado; Bermuda; Majorca, Spain; Swansea, Wales; Ridgewood, New Jersey; and La Conception, Quebec.  8 homes, and 8 more reasons to do drugs.  I’m very disappointed in Michael and Catherine….not for abandoning Cameron; but for living in New Jersey.

Michael Douglas is known Democrat; he has donated money to Al Franken, Christopher Dodd and Barack Obama….and he will soon be donating money to his sons’ prison guards.  You know, for “protection”.  INTERESTING FACT:  Michael once accidentally hit a New York caddy in the groin with an errant golf ball, causing him to lose a testicle.  If Cameron really wants protection in the slammer, he should just have his Dad hit golf balls at the inmates.

By Claude Stuart

©2010 Claude Stuart. All Rights Reserved.

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