Jennifer Aniston Nude….Sort of

The following sentence got my attention:  JENNIFER ANISTON POSED NUDE.

I know; it’s exciting, right?  Well, don’t get your expectations too high.  (I mean, don’t lower them like you’re about to see a Matthew McConaughey movie; but take it down a notch.)  Yes, she’s nude; but she’s covered by a towel.  You’re not gonna see any funbags or “the vertical smile”, but she looks lovely.

Anniston is posing “nude” to promote her new perfume, Lovalie.  This new, sweet fragrance is rumored to smell like a cross between flowers, citrus….and resentment toward Angelina.

Jennifer actually has two perfumes in the works; “Lovalie” represents a single, independent, sweetheart of a woman; and “Jolie” represents a chronically child-adopting, cheating whore.

Anniston is keeping quite busy these days.  She’s acting, directing, promoting her new perfume; and she plans to even open her own line of beauty products.  In a related story, Matt LaBlanc sold 3 dvd copies of “Joey: The First Season” on E-Bay for 12 bucks.  To be fair, LaBlanc told the guy who bought the dvds that they were coasters.

When asked why she’s working so hard on new projects like directing feature films and making beauty creations, Anniston said; “I want to give the public as many quality products as I can.  After Bounty Hunter, they deserve it.”

Anniston says she’s not worried about what others think, telling the press “the media will create stories whether they are true or false.”  And she’s right; I just read a newspaper article that said an Irish Unicorn is The Loch Ness Monster’s Baby’s Momma.  Then I saw a headline that read, “Paris Hilton Has Talent.”  I now believe in two new things: Unicorns and The Loch Ness Monster.

By Claude Stuart

©2010 Claude Stuart. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I love you Jennifer Aniston. I have every series of friends i watch it every night and every day you are so cool i love you

  2. Woo..!!! Jennifer Aniston who is sexiest women in the world. Know about more and see Sexiest photo and I like her so much. I need her company. Kiss kiss for her..

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