All Time Most Crucial Twitter Abbreviations

Image: ©2010 Lex Gable. All Rights Reserved.

Conversational abbreviations:

  • IMHO = In my humble opinion
  • AYFKMWTS = Are you f—-ing kidding me with this s—-?
  • GTFOOH = Get the f—- out of here
  • OH = Overheard
  • FW = No f—-ing way
  • IRL = In real life
  • NSFW = Not safe for work
  • FML = F—- my life
  • FWIW = For what it’s worth
  • QOTD = quote of the day
  • BTW = By the way
  • BFN = Bye for now
  • AFAIK = As far as I know
  • TY = Thank you
  • YW = You’re welcome

Technical Twitter abbreviations:

  • MT = Modified tweet. This means the tweet you’re looking at is a paraphrase of a tweet originally written by someone else
  • RT = Retweet. The tweet you’re looking at was forwarded to you by another user
  • DM = Direct message. A direct-message is a message only you and the person who sent it can read. Important: To DM someone all you need to type is D username message
  • PRT = Partial retweet. The tweet you’re looking at is the truncated version of someone else’s tweet
  • HT = Hat tip. This is a way of attributing a link to another Twitter user
  • CC = Carbon-copy. Works the same way as email

AND, here’s the good news text-aholics, you can use them when TEXTING too. Whoopee.


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