Jennifer Aniston Stole Lindsay Lohan’s Boyfriend?

Jennifer Anniston is rumored to be dating Harry Morton, who’s most famous for dating Lindsay Lohan and being the founder of the Pink Taco restaurant chain.

They dined at the Sunset Tower Hotel.  Morton told Anniston, “It’s so refreshing to hang out with a chick who orders a ‘Coke’ and doesn’t expect it to come in a baggie.”

The tabloids reported that the two were seen “using public displays of affection and canoodling” at the restaurant.  In a related story, George W. Bush thinks “canoodling” involves a microwave and a bag with the word “Ramen” on it.

So the founder of Pink Taco is dating one of the worlds’ most popular, successful actresses.  It just goes to show you: women will date any dude who has a lucrative business, no matter what they name it.  If Eva Mendez started dating a guy who made a fortune off a website called “Motorboating Titfreaks”, it would not surprise me.

Anniston recently said she doesn’t need a man to have kids.  That’s true….but she does need a man to make kids.

She’s 11 years older than he; she was almost 9 years older than John Mayer  –  why isn’t SHE the star of “Cougar Town”?  Better yet, why is “Cougar Town” on the air?

By Claude Stuart
©2010 Claude Stuart. All Rights Reserved.

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