Bikers Beat Jet Blue in a Race from Burbank to Long Beach

What’s faster, taking a trip by a bike or a plane? Any conversation-capable adult would agree that the latter is the correct answer, with the possible exception of Sarah Palin. But some buddies had a race between a group of cyclists and an airplane passenger from Burbank to Long Beach…..and the two-wheeled travelers won!

The cyclists made this California trek in just over 90 minutes. The Jet Blu passenger’s flight made in only 20. But he had to go from his place to the airport; arrive at least an hour early; check in; board; and deplane. So technically, he lost the battle. But did he lose the near-pointless war?

I personally would rather fly than cycle. Here’s the Pros of flying: It’s only $4 and 20 minutes; you don’t have to worry about sunburns, body-aches, SUVs honking/cursing at you for thinking you’re an automobile; you don’t sweat like “The Situation” staring at a fraction; and you never actually have to drive the vehicle.

The Cons? You’re on Jet Blu. It’s a 4-dollar flight, which means you get 4-dollar service. And that, my friends, is why the cyclists won this almost-completely unnecessary war. Jet Blu has just 7 letters, but it can only afford to print 6 of them.


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