A man in Chandler, Arizona accidentally shot himself in the penis with his wife’s pink pistol. Needless to say, this guy’s in a lot of pain…..not from the bullet; from being mocked for carrying a pink pistol.

He shot himself outside of a grocery store. What a brilliant way to avoid going grocery shopping! Sure, you severely damaged your leg and your schmeckle; but you won’t be asking anybody where the Bubblebath and Tampons are.

This dude needs to learn how to handle his gun…..and his firearm, too.

Who takes a gun to go grocery shopping? Besides H.I. McDunnough? (At least his wasn’t a pink pistol.)

The bullet hit the man’s penis then went through one of his legs. Let me repeat: The bullet wasn’t able to travel through his dick, but it easily tore through his longest limb. This guy’s gotta have a pecker of steel. Seriously, if you shoot yourself in the crank…..and the slug just ricochets off, then easily slices through your largest appendage…..your Love Missile has the density of a golf ball.

Even though this was obviously an accident, police say “The man could face weapons’ charges.” Come on, guys. Hasn’t he suffered enough? This is the ultimate insult to injury. He shot himself in the prick, and they wanna put him in jail….where he probably won’t be able to have any conjugal visits.

The Police are telling men to treat their firearm the same way they treat their penis: When in public, conceal it and don’t touch it. Especially when it’s pink.

Just to prove I’m not making this up; here’s the video link to the story, with reporter Corey Rangel. You think a man popping a cap in his joint is scary? Check out Corey’s haircut:



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