Could you imagine if hookers had to pay to do their job? That’s exactly what’s happening in Bonn, Germany. Sex workers are now required to purchase daily tickets from a vending machine to walk the streets. The German government making prostitutes give THEM money before they even work? What are they, Nazis?

In Bonn, hookers now have to pay 6 pounds; regardless of how many customers they get. Don’t fret, Frauleins. In Hollywood, actresses have to lose 20 pounds; regardless of how many jobs they get. And they still have to sleep with creepy, old men.

City employees check the tickets; prostitutes without tickets are first given a warning….then a fine….then a ban. Hmm….I wonder if hookers without tickets will offer any “free services”? Yeah, I don’t see any bans happening.

What’s the point of this new rule? According to City Spokesperson Monica Frombgen, “Fairness”. Uh….come again? “Prostitutes working in establishments like brothels and sauna clubs also have to pay taxes.” Well, evidently; Monica Frombgen never had to stuff a bunch of Frankfurters in her mouth to make the rent. German prostitution is no cakewalk – you know how difficult it is to goose-step in knee-high boots on a cobblestone street? And let’s be honest: The chicks working the saunas and bordellos make a lot more than the tricks working street corners. But NOW they ALL have to pay for their services? I don’t speak German, but this don’t sound like “fairness”. If you were in Germany and had the cash, would you get a happy ending from a woman who looks like Jessica Chastain from The Debt or Ursula the club-footed Tranny?

The Bonn streetwalkers’ hours are 8:15pm-6am. Who is paying for sex at 8:15PM? Are there that many socially inept Sauerkraut Plant workers?

These ticket machines were designed for prostitutes with limited German skills who have difficulty filling out tax forms. I assumed most prostitutes have difficulty filling out tax forms, or they wouldn’t be prostitutes.

I can’t believe this is happening in the city of “Bonn”. As in Simon LeBon of Duran Duran, the UK’s most sexual innuendo-obsessed band; Bon Scott of ACDC, Australia’s most sexual innuendo-obsessed band, and even Bon Jovi, who wrote “Explode in the heat….then drive you down to your knees.” Would they approve of this hooker regulation? I think not. This law should be Bonned.

Bottom line: It’s wrong to make hookers pay the government when they work; especially when they may not even have any customers. They may not be getting paid or laid, but they’ll be getting fucked.


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