Honest-2-God public sightings of Jesu


These are Honest-to-God public sightings of Jesus people…

Jesus was seen in Beeville, Texas in a breakfast taco; in Belfast, Northern Ireland on a tree stump in a cemetery; in Sunderland, England among the peeling paint on the door of a Chinese-food takeout stand; in Port St. Lucie, Florida; in a photo of the TV screen during the show “The Bachelor”; in Slendora, Texas on the mold of a bathroom wall; in New Orleans via a shadow cast through a chandelier in a Chapel; and in Charleston, South Carolina on the back of a dead stingray.

Man, this Jesus guy is practically omnipotent!

How come Jesus never physically appears in normal places when you desperately need him? Like in the passenger seat of your car when a cop pulls you over? Or at your dinner table when your credit card doesn’t go through? And why is no one witnessing Satan? Strangely enough, I’ve never seen Satan; but I’ve sure as hell heard him….every time I’ve listened to Rush Limbaugh.