From packing comedy venues across the globe to regular television appearances on shows like “The Tonight Show,” and “Last Comic Standing,” Claude Stuart has come a long way from his down home southern roots. By his own admission, he was “paddled on more than one occasion for being the class clown.” Claude’s explosive, in-your-face, rapid-fire, madman stage style is truly an exhilarating assault on the senses and has evoked comparisons to golden era physical comedians such as Steve Martin, Robin Williams and Jim Carrey. Claude’s unique brand of Don Rickles-esque crowd interaction, coupled with clever well-written jokes makes him not only the world’s first physical insult comedian but a “comedy triple threat!”

Claude’s decision to pursue a career as a comedian was not well received by his family. Born in deep south tugboat town, Greenville Mississippi, Claude’s attorney father and school teacher mother were not initially thrilled their only son chose stand-up over law school. Growing up, there was a lot of judgement. “Most kids got in trouble; I got cross examined and would hear things like, ‘This is what you did wrong and here’s why,’” says Claude. Instead of taking the criticism personally, he transformed the experience into the unique style his fans have come to know and love. He likens his comedy to legal arguments focused upon proving a point, which clearly comes from growing up in a family full of lawyers. Now, even his parents agree: comedy was the right choice.

Claude’s natural comedic flair was recognized early on. As a teen he interned at a local radio station and ended up writing and performing a morning show broadcast to over 30 cities nationwide. Next he won the title, “Funniest Person at SMU.” After a pit stop in Houston where he developed his stand up act, he naturally ended up in L.A.. This lead to an extremely successful stand up career; as well as myriad appearances in feature films and television, including a recent spot starring with Jay Leno on the wildly popular “Undercover Jay” skit segment of “The Tonight Show.”  Some of his other credits include national commercials for products such as, Honda, Heineken, Jeep, Grapenuts and even Midol. He has appeared on “That 70’s Show,” “Scrubs,” “Comics Unleashed,” “Entertainers,” “The Best Damn Sports Period!,” “Oblivious!,” “Talk Soup” and as a regular on “The Bob and Tom Show.”

Claude frequently performs at the world famous Hollywood Improv and is currently on tour, headlining comedy clubs, colleges and military tours for our troops; nationwide and internationally.  Claude also recently co-founded the production company/sketch comedy team “Recycled Babies”; in which he is a writer, producer and performer.

To book Claude for clubs, colleges, military tours, private parties, etc.; please contact Mark Gura at: markgura@live.com






  1. This guy’s hilarious! He’s fearless and committed to every joke; I can’t wait to see him live onstage!

  2. I love Claude Stuart! I saw him live in Colorado Springs and instantly became a fan. Keep up the great work, both on and off stage!

  3. I’ve seen Claude 3 times, and he is always hysterical. This guy needs his own sitcom!

  4. Claude Stuart’s my favorite comedian! Whether I see him do his act on TV or at a live show, he’s always hysterical and original. Come back to Boise, buddy!

  5. Claude Stuart’s my favorite comedian! He’s truly one of kind. Man, he moves fast – both his body and mind1

  6. Claude Stuart is simply a magical performer. I saw him in Oklahoma City and have since driven hours to see him in Tulsa and in Wichita. He’s worth it – Claude always gives it his all, always has something new in his bag of tricks, and always makes my face hurt from laughing.

  7. OMG, Claude Stuart is beyond awesome! I saw him in San Diego and fell in love with his show. My makeup was streaking down my face, I was laughing so hard. We love you, Claude!

  8. Claude is fantastic! My boyfriend and I saw him in Kansas City years ago and have been hooked on his comedy ever since. We always bring a big group of friends to see him and will gladly travel hours to see this Ultimate Madman of Comedy.

  9. “I”ve worked with a ton of comics in my career as a funnyman and I would honestly have to say that Claude is my all time favorite to work with. The audiences love him cause he is downright hilarious and one of the best live performers, an act you must see live. I first started working with him when I was an emcee and now as a feature act, it is still an honor to perform with him. Everytime I work with him he brings something new to the table of comedy. It would be a real shame to miss his act when he is at your local comedy club. Now go book your tickets.”
    -Adam Minnick

  10. I quote a friend of mine; “I laughed so hard I damned near pissed my pants!”

  11. Just heard you on the KQRS morning show (in MN). Would love to
    see you in Philadelphia…try to make it out east will ya!

  12. just saw claude in oklahoma/city, he was great his show is funny to the bone, this guy is really talented, also he is easy on the eyes…..

  13. Claude is an ass-kicking comedian to the highest degree! This guy deserves his own Vegas show at the most expensive casino – I’d pay top dollar to see him again. He also gladly takes pictures, signs autographs and hangs out with his fans. Claude’s a Class Act and he Kicks Ass! Keep rockin’ ’em, dude!

  14. I have 2 words to define “comedy”: Claude Stuart. This man is everything I seek in a comedian – he’s fast-paced, physical, soooo quick with the audience……and he’s got great jokes. I repeat them all the time to my co-workers. We love you in Iowa, Claude!

  15. Yeah we know him! If he CANNOT make you laugh; see the undertaker!

  16. I don’t know how you get this funny, but my man Claude has figured it out! Claude just came to CAMP FOSTER in Japan and put on an electrifying show for us military folks. I wish they’d let him sell his merchandise, but that’s ok, I’m gonna buy some now on this website. We appreciate you more than you know, Claude!

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