Thanks so much for helping me create, develop and hone the comedy act that is “Fandemonium”. This DVD is dedicated to you, babies. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU…who came out and paid a cover (or won free tickets) to watch me joke, jump, dance, gyrate and playfully insult you; who took pictures of me after the show; who insisted on buying me a drink and invited me to party with them; who kept in touch with me and brought more of your friends to see me perform again; who called comedy venues and requested me; who purchased my merchandise; who spread the word about my comedy; who followed my career and took time out of your schedules to watch and listen to my tv and radio appearances; who laughed, applauded and demanded an encore; and finally, every fan who paid me the greatest compliment of all:

“I had a really tough week, and you made me forget about all my problems. Thank you.” My pleasure, Comedy Fans. That’s what I’m here for. Enjoy “Fandemonium”…it’s for you!

Claude Stuart


Listen to Excerpts


  1. This dvd rocks beyond belief! It’s got over an hour of Claude doing his hilarious jokes and improv, and a whole slew of extras. I recommend it to any fan of comedy!

  2. GOOD GOD!! Claude Rocks. What an awesome show. I play it for everyone who comes over to my place. That and a 12 pack and you’re set for a good time and lots of laughs. Thanks Claude. Rock on!!

  3. I’m in love with “Fandemonium”! I just saw Claude in Medford, OR and immediately purchased this dvd. It’s hysterical – you have to see Claude in action. The jokes, the energy and physical gestures all blow me away. And it’s 2 discs! Thanks, Claude; keep it up, boy!

  4. Holy shit is Claude funny. Not like circus clown funny, like crippled circus clown funny! I am just bummed I have to settle for the DVD (which is awesome IF you don’t have the real thing), cause I am going to be OUT OF TOWN during his next gig here! AHHHHHHHHH!

  5. This DVD is unbelievably hysterical! OMG, he’s doing his killer routine; but the interaction with the crowd is also amazing. Buy and watch it now, Claude fans! If you’re a true fan, you already have.

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